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Tuesday Oct 10 @ 04:35pm
Tuesday Oct 10 @ 04:34pm
Tuesday Oct 10 @ 04:31pm
If I have learned anything over this last year it’s that you have to live your own life too so that if something we hoped for doesn’t work out, you still have two legs to stand on, you still have your own path. T.S. Krupa Tuesday Oct 10 @ 04:31pm
Tuesday Oct 10 @ 04:29pm
Tuesday Oct 10 @ 04:23pm
Tuesday Oct 10 @ 04:22pm
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Never Falling Down - Living Legends

Tuesday Oct 10 @ 04:22pm
Tuesday Oct 10 @ 04:21pm
Tuesday Oct 10 @ 04:20pm
I could write a fucking novel about the ache of missing you. S.B. Sunday Oct 10 @ 11:59am
Sunday Oct 10 @ 11:58am
Sunday Oct 10 @ 11:58am
Sunday Oct 10 @ 11:57am

when will it actually be cold I’m not going to be content until I’m freezing to death

Sunday Oct 10 @ 11:57am